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Well-Architected Reviews

Using AWS best practices increase operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

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Are you following AWS Best Practices?

AWS Well-Architected allows architects build secure, resilient, high-performing, and efficient infrastructure for customer apps and workloads.

Serverless Solutions

Let our team of experienced cloud developers design and build you next application. We can show you how serverless can scale with "no single point of failure" and reduce you compliance requirents.

It eliminates infrastructure management tasks such as server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning. This solution will prepare your business for the digital economy.

Cloud Solutions

Our experienced certified solutions architects can design and build the most efficient and cost-effective cloud solutions for your business for today and tomorrow.

We are experts in helping businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure and craft technical strategies for better business outcomes. We build the most cost effective infrastructure tailored to your business.

Cloud Optimization

We optimize your cloud workloads for performance, security, and cost.

We can analyze your usage and traffic patterns and develop a plan to minimize your cost and improve security while maintaining the performance and scalability of your infrastructure. Our experienced cloud architects can tune you resources to fit your workload.


Let our experienced cloud architects formulate a Migration Strategy.

Our certified cloud architects can do “the 6 R’s”. Rehosting (“lift-and-shift”), Replatform (“lift-tinker-and-shift”), Repurchase, Refactoring, Retire or Retain your exising application.

DevOps Automation

Increase productivity and success by automating your DevOps pipeline.

Utiliware understands how to automate DevOps pipelines for faster releases, automated testing and security, and minimized downtime during deployments.

Big Data

Transform the Data You Have Into the Answers You Need.

Extract, Transform and Load or “ETL” is becoming more difficult using traditional databases. Let us show you how in optimise the “three V’s” of big data; Volume, Variety and Velocity.

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